Black Smoke Polydactyl Breeding King Male Maine Coon Cat


7-toed patty-pawed black smoke (NS) alpha emperor onyx male; the epitome of grace and charm - makes stealing hearts look effortless! 😻



Alluring Queen with a velvety black (N) coat and golden eyes; Sassy yet calm, she is pure elegance, grace, and playfulness! 😽🖤✨

High Silver Shaded Maine Coon Cat

Snow Belle

Queen with a shimmering silver coat. Exuding grace and majesty, this gentle giant captivates all! 💖😽✨

Portrait of Madame Sweet

Madame Sweet

Empress Madame Sweet, our fierce Alpha Queen with striking Bi-Color coat and precious mitten paws - playfully mischievous and regal

Image of Lord T-Rhett

Lord T-Rhett

Future King; son of Empress Madame Sweet and Emperor Bugatti; massive mitten-colored six-toed paws; Blue Smoke BiColor (AS 03)

Wizard, AS21 Maine Coon


Huge; high silver (AS 21) coat; rock-hard physique: powerful muscles, thick ears, and massive bones; melts with a flop as soon as he is touched

Image of Athena


Athena is our slow blink loving, black smoke (NS), green-eyed female, gentle giant, who loves her humans and dedicated cuddle sessions



Future Split-Face Queen with poly paws (mitten), light pastel silver tortie (FS/GS 25) coat, huge whiskers, and big ears

Image of Foxie Scarlett

Foxie Scarlett

Future Queen with poly 6/6/6/6 paws, fire opal color tortie (F 22) coat, long contrasting lynx tips, big anime eyes

Image of Catarina


Silver shaded odd-eyed future Queen; refined and luxurious coat and attitude to go with it; attention hound

Image of Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Fun, photogenic, quirky, bouncy, dilute parti-color tortie, with a heart of gold that suits her coat

Image of Apollo


Silver-red (DS 22) poly blue eyed vision of perfection; his meows are musical and charming with every jump he lets out a "burr!"



Blue-smoke (AS) beauty; mitten poly paws; loves high places and has chirpy meowing dialogues from lofty spots or in bed!

Image of Venus


Silver shaded extra-long-hair-silver-shaded tri-colored (FS 25) polydactyl queen; night time affection seeker; ball of fluff and love

Black Smoke Maine Coon 6 month old female (named Persephone, future Queen of SlowBlink Maine Coons)


The Bigger Underworld Twin; Black smoke (NS) Maine Coon Queen with poly paws and a bold personality; loves face rubs and chin pets.

Image of Demeter


Black smoke (NS) Maine Coon Queen with poly paws and a bold personality; loves to talk; the Slightly Smaller Underworld Twin

Image of Fae


Rare, striking odd-eyed white XL Maine Coon (MCO W 63) with a chill demeanor. Astute timing; strategic mind; independent



Classic Silver Tabby; Green-eyed Maine Coon Queen Mclaren; Wheel lover and high-heights watching girl



Affectionate; long blue smoke (as) fur; lion-like mane; shows love with a unique rub-flop; calm and cuddly



Nurturing, clean, gentle spirited, and water-loving. Plus, soft, cream poly queen (POL e 22). Scratcher connoisseur.

Image of Calypso


Meet Calypso! Future queen with a playful touch, this Black Ticked Tabby Bi-Color Maine Coon kitten exudes independence and charm.

note:We have more cats! Check back soon to see them!