Maine Coon Cat picture for Aphrodite

Queen Aphrodite is a true beauty with a stunning and unique appearance. Her coat is a pastel, subtle, dilute cream Silver Ticked Parti-Color Tortoiseshell (Tortie), labelled FS 25 (because of her paw pads, otherwise she would be GS 25). This exquisite combination creates a soft, mesmerizing color palette. Her extraordinary "split-face" pattern is eye-catching. She has whiskers that match her split face, with some white, and some black.

When Queen Aphrodite enters a room, her presence is undeniable. She also has a voice that commands attention. Her meow is louder than any two cats combined, ensuring she is always heard. When she is content and purring, her volume matches the loudness of her meows, providing a melodic soundtrack to her joyful presence and, as a side effect, a vibrating bed! Her perfect 7/7/6/6 polydactyl (poly) mitten paws are adorable and add a touch of whimsy to her regal presence.

While she enjoys (almost) all the attention and adoration she receives (and loudly lets us know when she does not), Queen Aphrodite prefers the gentle touch of head rubs. Her favorite place is undoubtedly on  — and sometimes even under — the bed. Queen Aphrodite not only enjoys laying on humans but also finds comfort and companionship in the presence of other cats. She demonstrates her affection through cuddles, delighting us and the other cats.

Queen Aphrodite has not had kittens at SlowBlink yet, but you can contact us and get notified when we have Maine Coon kittens from Queen Aphrodite to buy a Maine Coon kitten of your own!

Fun fact: Aphrodite is a possible Chimera! Two for one.

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Maine Coon Cat picture for Aphrodite
Maine Coon Cat picture for Aphrodite