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Accredited and Acclaimed

We are the only Better Business Bureau® Accredited cat breeder in Canada.

Slow Blink Maine Coons BBB accredited business profileA+

Trade-Mark(s) of the International Association of Better Business Bureaus used under license.

Top Scores

Outstanding Excellence

We have top scores in the largest Cat Registries and have been awarded with TICA Outstanding Cattery and the CFA Cattery of Excellence awards.

TICA Outstanding Cattery & CFA Cattery of Excellence

New 2024 We were awarded for the second year in a row!

Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital

Dr. Saman

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We two locations in British Columbia, Canada: one in Vancouver (Burnaby), and the another on Vancouver Island.

Our service (driving) area is shown on our Google Maps page, which you can see below.

Google Maps of SlowBlink Maine Coons Service Area

Please note that we do not provide public access. For more details, visit our FAQ page.


We have partnered with Purina to provide you with the best food for your cat - the Purina Pro Plan.

purina pro plan logo

Trupanion - Insurance

As a Trupanion Partner, our kittens go home with 30 days of complimentary pet insurance.

trupanion insurance logo

SlowBlink is a member of the following organizations

TICAThe International Cat Association

CFACat Fanciers Association

CCAAssociation Féline Canadienne

Our Slogan

SlowBlinkMaineCoons: where every blink is worth the wait.


We can be found online at


We were established in .

Who we are

Slow Blink Maine Coons is a family-run cattery. Our kittens come from the most healthy, beautiful, well-balanced champion bloodlines imported from Europe. They are raised in a loving environment as a member of our family.

We breed healthy, big, stunning, sweet-tempered, gentle, and loving Maine Coons with striking and rare characteristics: odd-eyed, polydactyl, black smoke and shaded silver, large, well-tufted ears, squared muzzles, muscular, well-balanced rectangular bodies, long and flowing tails, impressive lion-like frontal ruff manes, and silky coats that are both smooth and shaggy. We sell Maine Coon Kittens - the perfect furry companions - and make the adoption process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Alternate Names

We have the domains,,,, and our official primary domain that the others redirect to,

On some pages or websites we may also be referred to as: SlowBlink Coons, SlowBlink Maine Coons, Slow Blink Maine Coons, SlowBlinkMaineCoons, SlowBlink, SlowBlink MaineCoons, SlowBlink Man Coons, SlowBlink Main Coons, SlowBlink MC, SlowBlinkCoons, SB MaineCoons, SBMC, and SlowBlink Maine Coons.

Note, our original name was "West Coast Coons". This name is now being used by somebody else. We are not affiliated with them in any way.