(In our opinion, the most comprehensive standard)

We follow the Code of Practice for Canadian Cattery Operations (Canadian Vets Code of Practice) by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CCAC).

ii. Cat Friendly Practice

We encourage Buyers to find a vet that has a Cat Friendly Practice certification from the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

iii. TICA Code of Ethics and TICA Outstanding Code of Ethics

We are members in good standing of The International Cat Association, Inc. (TICA) and have a TICA-registered cattery.

We breed discriminately, and only if we can find appropriate homes for our kittens.

We will place kittens only in homes that we believe will provide a life-long commitment of love, appreciation, and responsible care.

Any kitten or cat sold as a pet/companion will be sold under the following conditions:

  1. We will guarantee that the kitten/cat is in good health at the time of sale.
  2. We will urge the purchaser to have the kitten/cat examined by the purchaser's own veterinarian within a few days of purchase to confirm its good health.
  3. We will explain to the purchaser the dangers of an outdoor environment.
  4. We will provide a written sales agreement that describes all the terms of the sale. We will abide by our own sales agreement.
  5. We will make every effort to spay/neuter every kitten/cat prior to leaving. If this should not be possible, We will require that the kitten be spayed or neutered no later than 12 months of age and not be allowed to produce any offspring. We will provide the TICA registration certificate and/or pedigree for the kitten/cat only after we have received written evidence from a licensed veterinarian that the kitten/cat has been altered.
  6. We will encourage the purchaser to contact us if the purchaser has any questions and we will respond in a timely manner.
  7. We will not release a kitten until it has been inoculated at least twice against the following: Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and Calicivirus. We also may choose to give other vaccinations.
  8. We will respond in a timely fashion to any inquiries from the Executive Office (EO) or our Regional Director regarding our cattery, our cats or any cats/kittens that have been placed as pets or with any other breeder catteries.

iv. CFA Code of Ethics

As a breeder who uses the services of the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, we understand we have certain responsibilities to pedigreed cats and to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

  1. We am aware that we are representative of CFA breeders in our community.
  2. We will breed our cats with the intent of improving the breed and to produce healthy, happy kittens.
  3. We will deal honestly with the purchasers of our kittens and cats.
  4. To the best of our knowledge and ability we will not, without prior disclosure, sell any kitten/cat that is sick or has been exposed to an infectious disease.
  5. We will not sell or place kittens prior to their attaining a proper level of immunity against common infectious diseases.
  6. We will place cats directly to the new pet owner or in a manner that will enable contact with the ultimate owner to provide on-going education and advice.
  7. We will strive to house our cats in a manner exceeding the CFA Minimum Cattery Standard.
  8. We will ensure our cats are kept in a healthy environment and we will ensure they receive the proper veterinary care as needed.
  9. We will maintain appropriate cattery records and will correctly register litters and cats.
  10. We will work honestly with our fellow breeders and provide timely and correct litter registration information to those who use our cats for breeding.
  11. We will mentor new breeders to ensure they have a solid information foundation.

v. Trupanion

  1. Follow a healthy breeding plan.
  2. Provide adequate food, water, and housing for all pets, including exercise, socialization, and grooming.
  3. All kittens receive regular routine/preventive care, including vaccinations and parasite control, as well as any additional care needed.
  4. Provide all medical records to new owners.
  5. Fully disclose any illness or injury to the buyer prior to purchase. This includes clinical signs of an illness or injury and any exposure to potentially infectious diseases and/or parasites.
  6. Provide ongoing support to new owners.
  7. All kittens are bred, owned, and sold by SlowBlink Maine Coons.
  8. Kittens remain in SlowBlink Maine Coon's care until they are an appropriate age to send to their new home, as recommended by Maine Coon breed standards.
  9. Comply with all applicable laws.

vi. Cat Kingpin - Certified Breeder Agreement

  1. While breeding, we will only use cats that are healthy and free from disease and are consistent with the characteristics of our specific breed of cats. we will do everything we can to give the breeding cats a suitable environment and once a queen has become pregnant, agree to provide her with a safe and comfortable environment to give birth. After a litter has been delivered, we will help the queen care for the litter and provide enough food, water, and attention for each cat/kitten.
  2. We agree to always keep the physical and mental heath of our cats and kittens at the forefront of our breeding program. We understand that all cats are dependent on us for a safe environment and as a breeder we have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure all cats and kittens in our program are cared for appropriately. To ensure that the cats and kittens are healthy, we will provide them with the following:
    • A clean living space large enough for exercise that is preferably indoors.
    • Adequate food and water
    • An environment where the cats and kittens will interact with other people and/or animals who will treat them kindly.
    • Veterinary care and immunizations appropriate to the age of the cat.
  3. When allowing our cats and kittens to be adopted by others, their well-being is more important to us than any other factor. We will not sell cats and kittens to wholesalers or retailers. We also will not buy or sell full litters of kittens at one time. When we sell a cat or kitten to a third-party, we will have a discussion to determine if the potential home is a good fit. We agree to educate the third-party about things that they need to know including, but not limited to, expenses, food and water requirements, time required for care, temperament, ability to live with other people/animals, exercise habits, and any other information that the third-party will find helpful in caring for the cat.
  4. We agree to keep records of all mating efforts and pedigrees. We will register new kittens and mating cats with a reputable cat organization when required. We will keep a veterinarian record on each cat to ensure that the buyer understands what care has been given in the past. We will provide the adopting third-party with written guidelines/instructions to help them care for the cat/kitten and make ourselves available should any questions arise.
  5. If, at anytime, we discover that our previously adopted cats or kittens are in danger, abandoned, neglected, or mistreated, we will do our best to reacquire the cat/kitten and find it another more suitable home.