Maine Coon Cat picture for Apollo

Apollo's coat is a tapestry of the evening sky on fire, with hues of shaded, silvery red that cascade over his immaculate form, glorious in every silken strand. His proportions are a testament to Maine Coon perfection, so much so that one might jest that Apollo harbors marbles in his mouth, such is the squareness of his jaw and the proud alignment of his features.

This noble feline is a maestro of communication, with a unique "burr" that accompanies each leap and bound—a declaration of his joy and vigor. His voice, however, is a melody that demands attention; elongated and soulful meows resonate throughout the cattery, a tuneful reminder that his desires for affection or the simple pleasure of treats must not go unheeded.

King Apollo is no mere cat. He is a living art piece, a bearer of the finest European Maine Coon lineage, with shimmering silver notes dancing amidst the warm glow of his luxurious red coat (color code POL/MCO DS 22). His Polydactyl paws are perfect. His bold, blue eyes stand out against his red fur. His squared muzzle speaks of his robust and royal lineage, his ears tuft grandly as if acknowledging his royal blood, and his muscular, well-balanced rectangular body moves with a grace that belies his powerful build. His tail, long, flowing and majestic, completes the canvas of this feline masterpiece, while his mane, resembling that of a lion, crowns him with splendor.

As a cherished patriarch of SlowBlink Maine Coons, Apollo not only dazzles with his appearance but endears all with his sweet-tempered and gentle nature. He is a testament to our commitment to breed Maine Coons that are not only visually breathtaking but also affectionate, spirited, and the epitome of feline excellence. Apollo is loved and revered, a king in our family, and an ambassador of the unrivaled beauty and temperament that is the benchmark of SlowBlink Maine Coons.

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Poly Red Silver Blotched Tabby with Blue Eyes

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POL/MCO ds 22 61








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