Maine Coon Cat picture for Catarina

Queen Catarina is an odd-eyed (oddy) high silver Maine Coon. Her left eye is a brilliant, bright, topaz-like, dominant blue, while her right eye is a deep, imperial jade green, creating a mesmerizing contrast that draws you in. She has a silky smooth High Silver, NS, color coat. The shimmering silver hues give her a regal and luxurious aura, as if she were adorned in the finest silk.

Queen Catarina has a refined and gentle nature, enjoying the finer things in life. She particularly delights in temple massages and gentle head pats, relishing the attention and care of her human companions.

Her favorite lounge place is at the highest peak of a cat tower, where she can survey her kingdom with a sense of regal authority. When she's not atop a cat tree, she usually lies on a crinkle mat on the floor, enjoying the subtle textures beneath her.

Her presence is nothing short of royal, exuding sumptuousness and sophistication. It's as if she was made to reside in a grand 46-bedroom mansion, held high on a marble pedestal, adorned in sparkling diamonds and pearls.

Queen Catarina has not had kittens at SlowBlink yet, but you can contact us and get notified when we have Maine Coon kittens from Queen Catarina so you can buy a Maine Coon kitten of your own!

Fun fact: Catarina got her name from Name My Cat on Reddit!

Also: Previously she was named Ice Princess.

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Part of SlowBlink Cattery (Not for sale)


Black High Silver Shaded Odd Eyed

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Non Polydactyl