Maine Coon Cat picture for Foxie Scarlett

Queen Foxie Scarlett has big, round anime-like eyes and a way of looking up at you that can melt your heart. She has big, mitten, poly 6/6/6/6 toes, adding charm to her beautiful paws. Her coat is a stunning Parti-Color Tortoiseshell (Tortie) color (F 22), resembling a fire opal. Her coat's fiery orange primary color is set against a backdrop of black, accentuated with touches of white. This combination makes her stand out anywhere.

She loves ear-twirls and will happily let you pamper her with gentle affection. She also has a penchant for laying on her humans for as long as they can handle it, making her a warm and comforting presence in their lives.

Although she's equally at home on dressers, tables, or in cardboard boxes, Queen Foxie finds the middle of cat trees particularly irresistible. 

Queen Foxie Scarlett has a voracious appetite that knows no boundaries. She wants it all, whether human food or feline treats and is always ready for another feast.

Her striking face sets her apart from the rest, as it seems like she's wearing makeup. The dark natural eyeliner around her eyes gives her an alluring gaze, while the contrasting bold lynx-like ear-tips add a touch of wild elegance.

You can buy an offspring from Foxie that are many colors and patterns, but her most common are:

  • Tortie Female Maine Coon Kittens (and Poly Tortie, Poly Tabby Tortie)
  • Red Maine Coon Kittens (and Polydactyl Red Tabby)

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Tabby Parti-Color Tortoiseshell (Tortie)

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Maine Coon Cat picture for Foxie Scarlett