High Silver Shaded Maine Coon Cat

Meet Queen Snow Belle of SlowBlink, a true beauty in every sense. She has glorious fur that seems to erupt in a cascade of long, silky smooth, silver, shaggy fluffiness. Snow Belle embodies elegance and grace from her impressive lion-like mane to her marvellous flowing bushy tail.

Snow Belle's meows are as soft and sweet as her temperament. She often spends hours staring out the window. Independent by nature, she looks up with appreciation, responding to gentle pats on her head with slow and delicate strokes down her back. This is when she truly shows her gratitude, emitting the sweetest and softest meows. She is best friends with Queen Polyjuice.

Inherited from her father, Emperor Bugatti, Snow Belle has a laid-back and relaxed personality, amplified tenfold. However, when playtime with her humans commences, she goes from 0 to 100 real quick. Specializing in biting rope toys and not letting go, she brings her boundless energy and enthusiasm to each play session. Her Mom is the super chilled Queen Chevy (retired).

But Snow Belle's passions are not limited to playtime. Her love for catnip is unrivalled — she gleefully rolls in catnipdelighting in its intoxicating scent and effects more vigorously than any of her feline companions.

If you are looking for a fluffy Maine Coon companion who combines beauty, sweetness, and a playful spirit, Snow Belle's kittens will make the perfect addition to your family. We have purebred Maine Coon kittens for sale across Canada and USA - contacting us to bring home a Maine Coon kitten from Snow Belle's bloodline.

Fun Fact: She used to be called "Snow White", but since she is not completely white, Snow Belle suited her better!

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Non Polydactyl


Rapid Fire

What is Snow Belle's role at SlowBlink?
Snow Belle is a Queen at SlowBlink Maine Coon Cattery.
What is Snow White's size like?
Snow White has an extraordinary size, accentuated by her abundant fluffiness.
Is Snow White gentle and calm?
Yes, Snow White is a gentle and calm soul.
How does Snow White interact with humans?
Snow White cherishes quiet moments spent sitting beside her humans, offering her serene presence as a comforting companion.