Our premium and unique font mix lends confidence and clarity to our voice and their combination are uniquely ours.

Brand Typeface

Our official brand typeface is

Marschell Pro

$ Commercial Enterprise License.  © 2017 Zeune Ink Foundry. All Rights Reserved.

Body Typeface

For the headings and body text we use

Geist Sans

Licensed under OFL© 2024 Vercel.  All Rights Reserved.

Type Scale

  • Page

    Font: Marschell ProFont size: 100pxLine height: 64pxLetter spacing: -0.64pxWeight: 400

  • Heading – XXL

    Font: Marschell ProFont size: 64pxLine height: 2Letter spacing: -0.64pxWeight: 700

  • Heading – XL

    Font size: 36pxLine height: 1.5Letter spacing: -0.32pxWeight: 400

  • Heading – L

    Font size: 36pxLine height: 1.25Letter spacing: -0.32pxWeight: 400

  • Normal

    Font size: 17pxLine height: 1Weight: normal



Italics are utilized for accent, and emphasis. Italics should be used sparingly with purpose.