We’ve put together some guidelines for those times when you want to use our logos to link back to us.

Special Cases

We’ve created the following guidelines to help others use our brand and assets, including our logo, content, and trademarks, without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use. Contact us and include a visual mockup for any intended use not covered by these guidelines.

SlowBlink Trademark

The SlowBlink trademark includes the SlowBlink name & logo, and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies any SlowBlink products. Please don’t modify the trademarks or use them in an altered way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by SlowBlink, or in a way that confuses SlowBlink with another brand. For more information on correct usage, see Usage and misuse →

SlowBlink Spelling

The preferred written format is SlowBlink Maine Coons. After the first instance of SlowBlink Maine Coons, SlowBlink is an accepted format if used at least several times on the same page.

URLs may use slowblink, slow-blink, slowblink-maine-coons, or slow-blink-maine-coons.

Using SlowBlink as a pun for SlowBlink MaineCoons should be done sparingly and in good taste.

For tagging on social media, #slowblink is an accepted format.

SlowBlink Wordmark

Our wordmark should be used in communications, or when speaking to audiences — any situation with less instant brand recognition. It's the more formal symbol of our brand.

SlowBlink Maine Coon Wordmark (Logo and Text)
Do these things
  • Use a permitted SlowBlink logo to link to SlowBlink.
  • Use the SlowBlink logo in a blog post or news article about SlowBlink.
  • Use the permitted SlowBlink logos less prominently than your own company or product name or logo.
  • Report any infringement to slowblinkmainecoons@gmail.com with the subject line "infringement".
Please don’t do these things
  • Do not use the SlowBlink name or any SlowBlink logo in a way that suggests you are SlowBlink, your offering or project is by SlowBlink, or that SlowBlink is endorsing you or your offering.
  • Do not use any of the SlowBlink logo as the icon or logo for your creative works such as your business/organization, offering, project, domain name, social media account, or website.
  • Do not modify the permitted SlowBlink logos, including changing the color, dimensions, or design elements.
  • Do not use SlowBlink trademarks, logos, or artwork for unauthorized purposes without SlowBlink’s prior written permission.
  • Do not use the SlowBlink watermark (round logo) for any purpose.

SlowBlink Symbol

The SlowBlink symbol must be only used in places where there is not enough room to show the full logo, or, where multiple brands are displayed with only brand symbols.

Logo of Slow Blink Maine Coons with a gradient (vector)

SlowBlink Official Logo

SlowBlink Maine Coon Logo (Portrait, black and white)

SlowBlink Logo: non-gradient variant

Download PNG
Shield iconLegal

This is a friendly reminder that the provided graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws. Do not alter these files in any way.

In short, the SlowBlink logos represent only SlowBlink. They must not be used to represent you, your products, company, or anything that is not a reference to our official SlowBlink brand or company.

You can read our official legal terms for images if you are interested.