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Queen Fae comes from a long line of odd-eyed white Maine Coon Cats.

Queen Fae is a Maine Coon of rare beauty and majestic demeanour. Queen Fae embodies independence and patience, which define her every move and decision. With an astute sense of timing, she ensures that her efforts for affection and play are always fruitful, only seeking attention when the moment feels right.

Queen Fae's approach to play mirrors her approach to life—calculated and precise. She only pounces when victory is assured, showcasing her intelligent and strategic mind.

Her beauty is nothing short of striking, with odd eyes that captivate anyone fortunate enough to catch a glimpse. The left eye's deep and serene blue contrasts beautifully with the right eye's vibrant and fiery golden hue. This unique feature is made even more intense by her pure white coat, a rare find among Maine Coons.

Despite her large size, Queen Fae is the epitome of tranquillity. She enjoys attention at any given time. She possesses a chilled demeanour that allows her to blend seamlessly into any setting, embodying a true queen's calm and collected nature.

Queen Fae's exceptional features and character make her a standout among Maine Coons. Her rare, odd eyes, pure white coat, and above-average size set her apart.

For those in Canada or the USA looking to welcome a Maine Coon kitten into their hearts and homes, Queen Fae's litters are a promise of extraordinary beauty and noble temperament—an addition that would undoubtedly enrich any family.

If you are interested in Maine Coon kittens for sale from Queen Fae's lineage, Contact us to buy a Maine Coon kitten from Queen Fae! 

You can buy offspring from Fae that are many colours and patterns, but her most sought-after are:

  • Odd-Eyed Maine Coon Kittens
  • Polydactyl Odd Eyed Maine Coon Kittens
  • White Maine Coon Kittens
  • Polydactyl Odd-Eyed White Maine Coon Kitten

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