Mia Wiens - Profile Picture (with glasses and a hat on with mountains in the background)

Mia Wiens

Mia Wiens is a passionate Maine Coon breeder and enthusiast with a deep love for all things Maine Coon.

Skills & Expertise

  • Maine Coon Cats
  • Maine Coons
  • Maine Coon Breeding
  • Cats
  • Cat Breeding
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Feline Nutrition
  • Feline Behavior
  • Feline Genetics
  • Feline Infectious Diseases
  • Feline Musculoskeletal System
  • Feline Preventative Care
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Veterinary Pharmacology
  • Veterinary Pathology

Works For

Slow Blink Maine Coons